EasyNDA's Legal Advisory Panel members recognize EasyNDA's mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA) as fit for use. You may be confident in using or signing an EasyNDA.

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"I love the possibility of standardizing and streamlining the NDA process. The EasyNDA form covers the essentials well so clients can have much more confidence signing an NDA without having to call me every time."

Wade Bean, Partner, Kunzler Law Group

"EasyNDA helps reduce friction. I like it for my clients because it's fast, easy, and ensures a quality non-disclosure agreement.

Fred Greguras, Partner, Royse Law Firm, PC

"I've received and negotiated 100s of NDAs in my career and often revised my own agreement attempting to streamline the NDA process. I wish I had EasyNDA's Standard MNDA from the start. It's far more simple, reasonable, and effective than any other I have come across."

Jim Ko, Former in-house and outside counsel