The purpose of EasyNDA’s Legal Advisory Panel (LAP) is to provide lightweight advice on the Company's product and market strategy. Members will be periodically available for informal conversations and questions via telephone or email. The LAP’s mission is to monitor and assist the product, marketing, and growth objectives of the Company.

The following reflect the primary roles of the Members:

  • Provide EasyNDA a quote stating to the effect that the EasyNDA standard MNDA is fit for use as a non-negotiated MNDA agreement by Members’ clients. For example:
    • “EasyNDA’s standard MNDA is fine for general use.”
    • “I recommend EasyNDAs standard MNDA for use.”
    • “I’ve reviewed EasyNDA’s standard MNDA and it’s fine.”
    • “EasyNDA’s standard MNDA is a solid general-use MNDA.”
  • Provide the Company with advice or introductions that might assist the Company.
  • Support use of EasyNDA by Member’s clients
    • Use EasyNDAs as standard, non-negotiated MNDAs
    • Accept EasyNDAs as standard, non-negotiated MNDAs


The LAP will led by the Company's CEO. Conversations with Members will be held primarily over the phone. There is no obligation for travel or to attend face to face meetings. All conversations and meetings with Members will be at the mutual agreement of Company and Member.


The same nondisclosure and restrictions on use provisions now applicable to the Company employees will apply to all confidential and proprietary materials provided to LAP members.


The Company will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by the Members in connection with Member’s duties and responsibilities that are approved in advance and in writing by the company. Any reimbursement requests must be accompanied by receipts and documentation.


The term of membership is 12 months and automatically renewing annually but can be terminated by either party at any time.

Company’s Responsibilities

Company may make public the existence of Company’s LAP and the terms of this agreement. For example, a page on the Company’s website may be dedicated to the LAP, it’s purpose, and it’s members.

The Company may use the name and image of Members, and name of Members’ employers (firms), and the quote of Members regarding EasyNDA when associated with the LAP.