EasyNDA is a Non Disclosure Agreement management service. It's a single source of truth for an organization. Immediately know if your org has an NDA with another, if it's current, and get a snapshot of your corporate exposure.

EasyNDA provides a single source to you and your team for current and approved NDAs with an integrated mobile e-signing processes that eliminates business development delay due to NDA execution mechanics. The service is configurable with accounts, managers, and users. Attorneys can be members of multiple entities to facilitate the multi-client relationships of outside counsel.

And EasyNDA makes NDAs, well, easy! Just Click, Sign, and Send.

EasyNDA answers your company's NDA management questions:

  • Do we already have a non disclosure agreement with XYZ Co.?
    • Is it current or expired?
    • What does it cover?
    • Did John sign an NDA with XYZ Co. before he left the company?
      • Where is it?
      • Where do we keep our NDAs anyway?
  • With which companies have our NDAs expired?
  • What NDAs will expire soon?
  • What is our current disclosure exposure?
  • Where can I get a copy of our current company NDA?
    • What do I do with my company's signed NDAs?
    • What do I do with a signed NDA from XYZ Co.?
  • Woot!   We're in due diligence to be acquired!!
    Where can I get my company's total NDA history - current and expired??!

Who We Are


Crick Waters Chief Executive Officer

I've been dealing with NDAs all of my career - spanning 1-man startups to 100,000 person global enterprises. They each suffer from NDA pain - that's why I'm passionate about EasyNDA.

John Q CTO

Passionate technologist. Bit-architect. Platform builder. From telecom to social. From gaming to enterprise. I make things that work.

Tom Shields Field Evangelist

Co-founded NetGravity, funded tons of startups as a venture capitalist. Returned to the field to found and lead Yieldex. All along this road, NDAs have been a point of pain - which I'm helping to solve with EasyNDA.


"Executing an NDA should be the rapid facilitator for discussion, not the obstacle. With EasyNDA I can seamlessly execute NDAs on the fly - allowing me to respond immediately to opportunities whether in my office, at a conference, or on an airplane."

Helen Morey, CEO, Founder, Khipu Learning

"NDA execution and management shouldn't slow down the pace of business - yet NDAs are often more trouble than we expect. NDA execution and management could be a much more efficient process - and that is what EasyNDA has accomplished. EasyNDA improves upon the NDA management and creation process with a solution that keeps up with the pace of business. I think they have a winner on their hands!"

Ted Lannon, President, Northshore Paralegal Services

"If you are in sales and business development, you know that NDAs are the top source of friction in getting a new conversation off the ground. With EasyNDA our team gets to meaningful discussions fast and gets more business done."

Bryan Kester, CEO, SeeControl

"I've been dealing with NDAs for two decades - they're not going away - but EasyNDA is taking the pain out of managing NDAs across my company, removing delays in getting business done by simplifying and automating the mechanics of NDA creation, and giving me peace of mind with a single source for keeping track of my company's "disclosure exposure." EasyNDA is a no-brainer for me."

Tom Shields, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Yieldex

"I love the possibility of standardizing and streamlining the NDA process. The EasyNDA form covers the essentials well so clients can have much more confidence signing an NDA without having to call me every time."

Wade Bean, Partner, Kunzler Law Group